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Race cars air jack lifting system controlled by GCE regulator!

Published on 16 January 2020 by Hana Holasov√°

Air Jack system has been designed to lift GT and endurance cars during pit stops. It offers quick operation and optimum safety while lifting and lowering cars. Endurance cars are usually equipped with three or four air jacks installed underneath, an aluminium tubing system and a quick release connection, allowing the maintenance team to connect a source of gas and perform their duties. A transportable small Nitrogen or Compressed Air gas cylinder equipped with a regulator and a hose are also required to power and control the entire system.

During the 15th edition of the Hankook 24H Dubai endurance race 2020, taking place at Dubai Autodrome, the Italian PB Racing Team registered with a Lotus Exige V6 cup PB-R, has chosen a trusted and reputable brand by using a GCE high performance quality regulator, as part of their maintenance accessories, to perform lifting operations on their car, during the race.

In 2019, the PB Racing Team conquered the podium of the Dubai 24 Hours race with the 2nd and 3rd place of its class. Well done to the Lotus team from Bergamo!

Mehdi Delage