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GCE PRO-Series to welcome a new member - GCE ProStage®

Published on 6 April 2021 by Hana Holasová

The new family of GCE cylinder regulators characterized by extraordinary quality, reliability, and durability is now proudly extending the range by GCE ProStage®, the two-stage regulators featuring excellent accuracy. By this product, we are at the same time replacing the two-stage Dincontrols. First variants to be ordered from now on. Main ad...

The CH 70D gets a makeover!

Published on 30 March 2021 by Hana Holasová

In recent years, we have been developing our entire range of products, regulators and torches, in order to offer you even more efficient and qualitative products. Today, it's the CH 70D's turn to adopt the new design and proudly display the new colors of our range, gold and anthracite gray. Undisputed flagship of GCE France, the CH 70D has establ...

Nebulization made simple with MediFlow® Ultra II

Published on 15 March 2021 by Hana Holasová

Providing nebulization to patients is now quicker, easier and safer thanks to GCE Healthcare’s FlowSelector which you can easily connect to your nebulizer. The GCE Healthcare MediFlow® Ultra II, which enable provides both oxygen therapy and nebulization in one, conveniently connects to wall mounted gas terminal units. This feature remove...

ONLINE CATALOGUE FOR druva®PUR - 20 m3 Series was updated!

Published on 22 February 2021 by Hana Holasová

Proper handling of hazardous high-purity gases requires gas control equipment of the highest quality, workmanship and design. Based on many years of experience in this field, GCE druva is your competent partner for the development and construction of gas supply systems. Our team is able to assist you with the design and construction of central or ...

Remote POC monitoring - Gasworld magazine

Published on 12 February 2021 by Hana Holasová

Has remote management of patients and their POCs come of age? Since the introduction of portable oxygen concentrators (POC) in the 1970s, patients with respiratory issues have experienced a dramatic improvement in the quality of life. There has been a marked increase in people diagnosed with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder) and, conse...