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GCE provide the rail transportation market with a variety of products from Thermit systems for rail joining to heavy duty torches for large section cutting. Both oxy acetylene and oxy propane systems are offered for a wide range of applications and gas type, from portable sets for working in remote areas to larger manifold and pack installations for bulk supply.

Aviation operators demand absolute control of their gas systems, tyre pressures an example vital for safe aircraft operation. GCE have a range of inert regulators for charging to the required pressure parameter, and also supply control systems for oxygen charging.

For road networks, a range of specially designed air aspirated propane burners systems are ideal for removing road markings.


Thermit is a welding process that employs an exothermic reaction that, once initiated, requires no external source of heat or current. The chemical reaction that produces the heat is an aluminothermic reaction between aluminium powder and a metal oxide. It is a rail joining method which can be carried out in the most remote areas without the need for heavy plant to be used.