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Introduction GCE to the Global Market

Our strengths are an extensive knowledge about our customers operations, gained from a close working relationship, and providing equipment designed with safety as a first priority. All of our products are manufactured in line with current international standards and directives.



Cutting & Welding

Quality Time

GCE Group is one of the world’s leading producers of industrial regulators for cutting and welding. The range covers a broad spectrum of products, for different applications, that have been designed according to the requirements of most European standards such as DIN, Afnor, BSI and Nordic. The torch range includes products for heating, cutting, brazing and
flame-cleaning applications designed in accordance with the preferences of individual European markets. Regulators, torches, nozzles and other products are also increasingly combined in sets and sold to customers in a single package.

Industrial Processes

All Systems Go

GCE Group’s Process Application ranges include various types of products from cylinder valves and combination valves, enabling safe handling of gases in central gas supply systems and brewery equipment, to machine cutting products. Compressed gases are stored and transported in gas cylinders under extremely high pressures, typically in the range of 200-300 bar. These cylinders are fitted with shut-off valves that must be able to operate under extreme conditions, from 65 °C under the desert sun to -40 °C in the Arctic cold. They also have to meet demanding requirements for rugged durability, absolutely leak-proof sealing and low point of- emission pressures. Uniquely qualified in this area, GCE stands at the forefront of international development of these products.


Matter Of Life

Equipment for supplying medical gas is an important and expanding part of GCE Group’s activities. With exceptionally high safety, precision and hygiene requirements, medical gas applications comprise an area demanding specialised knowledge and experience as well as a full understanding of respiratory and aspiration requirements and patient care. Compliance with quality standards according to Medical Directive 93/42/EEC is not only a regulatory obligation, but also a means of ensuring that our customers receive the safe, high-quality products they require.

High Purity

Pure Perfection

Specialty gases are used in various industries to operate analytical instruments, to initiate, stabilise and prevent chemical processes and to create amplified light for hardening, marking, welding and cutting purposes. These gases are provided in highly purified form, and have flammable, toxic or corrosive properties that mean they require specific gas-regulating equipment that is leak-proof and corrosion-resistant and does not affect the purity, chemical properties or composition of the gas. Pressure regulators and valves must ensure the safe discharge and transportation of gases without posing any risk to users, devices or buildings. The equipment has to withstand inlet pressures of several hundred bar and must meet the highest expectations for flow and pressure stability.