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Cutting and Welding

Cutting and Welding is the largest Business Area in the GCE Group and one of the original activities. The main customers consist of wholesalers and local distributors but on some markets gas companies are also distributing hardware and could then represent GCE. Smaller parts of the sales volume goes directly to key end customers such as ship yards, repair shops and to OEM-customers, for example welding machine manufacturers, that will sell a regulator along with their equipment.









The Western European Cutting and Welding market is slowly decreasing since metal working industries are moving away to other parts of the world. On the other hand Eastern European market potentials are increasing thanks to rapidly growing construction sectors. GCE´s strategy is to maintain our European leadership and at the same time to expand to other parts of the world as opportunities arise. This will be done through a complete, top-of-the-range product assortment, a world-class logistic distribution system and knowledgeable local sales support.

GCE is a world leader when it comes to production of industrial regulators. The range consists of a wide span of products for different duties, designed according to the requirements of most European standards such as DIN, Afnor, BSI or Nordic. The torch range includes products for heating, cutting, brazing and flame cleaning applications designed according to the preferences of each individual European market. Regulators, torches and other products are also increasingly put together in sets and sold to the customers in a package.

GCE is one of the pioneers of safety equipment and a comprehensive range of flashback arrestors and check valves is produced today. Through the acquisition of Lorch some years ago GCE further developed the propane range that is now available in various styles for different use. A growing range of accessories such as MIG/TIG-equipment, consumables and protective clothing was more recently introduced and GCE is for example Europe´s largest distributor of gas hoses. A range of nozzles including the long-life Coolex nozzle completes the GCE C& range.

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